Christina Nichols
Christina Nichols | President & Founder

I was raised on a farm in the Midwest and live by the simple belief that honesty and hard-work make a difference. From my upbringing through work as a fundraising consultant, I combine grit and a genuine drive to help people like you advance missions that change lives.


I love a good “why” – the kind that gives goosebumps and makes me cry. I have had the privilege of advancing the missions of organizations that impact individuals, communities, and the world – and I want to do more.


In the spring of 2017, I was reading my youngest daughter, then two years old, a book. The phone rang and she leaped up and ran to the phone yelling “mommy, mommy!”. After an intense few months of being away for business travel, my two year old thought I was the telephone and left me sitting on the couch, mid-sentence, wondering how I was going to change our reality.

After nearly two decades in local government, non-profit and higher education fundraising, I knew there were more organizations to serve and chose to become a fundraising consultant to leverage my broad set of skills and experiences. What’s more, I was seeking a way to serve more people while remaining close to the people who matter most to me – my husband and three daughters.

In June of 2017, I started working full-time with my first clients. Since then, each month has brought new opportunities to work with organizations from around the country.


I am wired with a strong sense of empathy and the desire to showcase causes that connect with donors. The world of fundraising has tried-and-true methods as well as rapidly evolving trends. Staying on top of it while remaining relevant and true to your story takes focused effort. That’s why we’re here and where we’re going. Learn more about our trusted Philanthropy Navigators who bring years of outstanding experience to our clients. Remaining relevant and true to your story takes focused effort. ~ Christina Nichols, NicholsGPS Click To Tweet

PSST…WHY the GPS reference in your company name?

Christina is a proud holder of not one, but TWO degrees in geography; met her husband in physical geography class; collects maps; and is, in general, a geo-nerd. Geographic Information Systems were her first introduction to relational databases (thank you St. Thomas Geography and ESRI).