Repairing the Rusty “Cadillac”

Rusty Raiser's Edge

It typically happens slowly… staff changes, The Raisers Edge platform updates, leadership preferences. Suddenly you realize that the members of your organization are all using RE inconsistently or, worse, not at all. The “cadillac” of fundraising constituent databases is rusting in the garage.

Your solution? Well, you have many options – cram everyone into a conference room for mandatory training (you’ll provide lunch!), rejoice because there are fewer errors when fewer people use it (not the right answer – obviously), or try something new.

My suggestion? Gamify the learning experience for your organization.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Purchase Blackbaud University’s “Learn Everything” (it’s likely less expensive that sending everyone to a training or conference) or one of the other Learn packages (or, if you’re into curriculum development and have loads of extra time – create your own trainings).
  2. Break users into “teams” that are based upon how they use The Raiser’s Edge.
  3. Establish a curriculum for each team focused on the aspects of RE that are fundamental to their roles.
  4. Award points for completing each course or activity in the curriculum.
  5. Create “bonus packs” of activities that challenge members to learn about a part of RE that doesn’t pertain to their role.
  6. Encourage teams to meet and discuss or even complete trainings together.
  7. Celebrate with lunch and award prizes!